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Crystal Panders

Garage Door Repair

Had to call Premium Garage Door Repair Brampton the other week, my garage door had been making very strange noises for a few weeks. And it finally had enough, the door was hanging by a thread, the technician who came out didn’t even seem phased by this. He went right to work and performed his magic to have my door back up and running like brand new in a matter of hours. So very grateful that my neighbor suggested I call this team.

Shawn Murphys

Garage Door Installation

After moving into my new home I knew I needed to update the garage door, I called Brampton Garage Door and scheduled my appointment. They arrived on time and walked me through the entire process, we selected the door that would best fit my home and we got right to work. They had the door in stock so I was able to have my door installed that weekend. Now my house finally looks like the home I have always imagined.

Aubrey Knowles

Garage Door Opener Repair and Replacement

It took some time for me to admit there was a issue but the final straw that broke the camel’s back was when I came home from working a double shift to see that my garage door had never shut in the morning when I left to work and all my belongings were scattered around. I was furious, I called Brampton Garage Door Repair and they actually answered, they also sent a guy right out to my house. He replaced my garage door opener with one that actually worked and I was able to go to bed knowing that my house was once again secure. Thank you so much guys!

Laney Johnson

Garage Door Opener Repair

I called Premium Garage Door Brampton the other evening because I could not get my garage door to open. They had sent a technician out to my home within a hour from when I called which was amazing since it was already after 7 pm.

Once the technician arrived he went right to work, he was able to located the part of my garage door track that had become bent not allowing my door to open. He replaced that section and was on his way before I had to put the kids to bed. So extremely thankful to have a company like this right here in our town!

Andrew Jennings

Emergency Garage Door Repair

I was running out of the house to catch a flight when my garage door decided to not close. I called Premium Garage Door Brampton and they had a guy at my house in a few minutes. Turns out my garage door opener sensors were no aligned properly causing the door to not close. He reset them and had me on my way in less than a hour. I made my flight and all thanks so much!

Luke Richie

Garage Door Spring Replacement

The other day I was closing my garage door and I heard a loud bang noise, panicking I called Premium Garage Door Brampton and they sent a tech right out. Thankfully I did, the technician opened my door and noticed the main garage door spring had snapped.

He went right to his truck got a new spring and installed it in what seemed like 2 minutes. As soon as he was finished I was able to open and close my door like it was brand new. Thank You so much!